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You have a Christian Dior Bag used or acquired from a questionable source and are not sure whether it is with this Bag Is an original? We would like to help with our experiences and the specialist knowledge gained from the answering of this question. And ultimately hopefully dissolve your doubts. Bags such as the Lady Dior or Dior’s Saddle Bags as well as bags, with the well -known oblique patterns are also sought -after objects and can be worthwhile investments. In times of constant price increases in the luxury segment, second -hand purchases often provide an attractive alternative to buying a new one Bag However, thanks to the high demand, the production and trade with replica also remain a promising business for daring. To make sure that your new acquisition is an original, we have listed the most important points below: 

AUTHENTICITY CHECK Dior factors to be observed

1. The material:

Dior Bags are beyond any doubt in materiality and manufacturing quality. Of course point Vintage Pockets There are no signs of wear, but the basis is always of high quality and designed for years to keep shape and shine. This applies to leather types used, as well as to bags made of fabric. The real Oblique Canvas For example, it has a unique handle. The binding of the tissue is characterized by the highest precision and should have the exact report of the pattern. Pattern variants that can be very close to the original at first glance have particularly brazen falsifications, but have clear differences on closer inspection. Lady Dior Bags have been launched over the years in different variants and material compositions. However, the bags are always characterized by high stability. At the top opening in particular, this is guaranteed by the use of dressed leather. The frequently used calf leather on the outside of a lady dior is one of the gentlest leather types and lets the bags become true. The hardware never feels "tinny" And is also characterized by a high quality of processing. In the interior, Lady Dior's fabric, which also shows the Cannage pattern, often have fake fabric or false patterns.

2. The seams:

The seams on the leather and the small parts such as the labels are marked by the highest precision. The thread tension of the seams should have been chosen so that threads do not cut into the leather. In the case of a Lady Dior, the leather shows the well -known cannage quilt. In the small size, the Bag Three, in the middle five and in the large variant seven full fields on the front, which should show perfect mass and a correct seam course. Falsifications are happy to show unequalities in positioning the pattern. 

3. The Henkel:

The clean processing and the valuable appearance of the materials continue on the shoulder straps and the handles of the bags. The handles, for example, a real lady dior are not free and when wearing the Bag "Rattles" not. The eyelets carry the handle like the massive zipper zipper Feine "CD" engravings. In the interior, the metal rings carry engravings that represent flat screw heads. It is said that the first Lady Diors were still made with screws in this form and that this fact can still be remembered with these engravings. The letter followers of the Bag are attached to 8-shaped rings that a flat location of the Tag guarantee. The ring on the handles also offers a special feature and is firmly connected to its counterpart to carry noiseless wearing the Bag to enable even at high speeds. 

4. Labels & date code:

Most Christian Dior pocket own a leather sign in the interior of the Bag, that bears a mint of the individual date code on the back. This small label has an all -round seam in newer pockets, in older models before the 90s it is attached to the interior with a single seam. The embossing on the leather is colorless, silver or gold colors. The embossing should not show overlays between print and embossing and be clean. The shield of a real dior Bag Should also have rounded corners. The seams are perfect and the embossing is precisely centered on the sign. The lettering is limited to two or three lines and always bears the name of the founder and in large letters "Paris". In some cases, the naming of the country of manufacture in the form of "Made in Italy" or "Made in Spain" can form a third line in major letters. It is not certain that when exactly Dior Date Codes used for bags, but it is assumed that they were used for the first time in 1997. Since the Lady Dior for example For the first time in 1994 came onto the market, there is definitely Vintage Lady Dior without such a code. Using the following example, you can see how the date code of a dior Bag is read:


16 = Not safe

Bo = Production location

0133 = The first and third place result in the month, the second and the fourth place the production year.

In this case the Bag Made in March of 2013. The code of newer pockets has bind screeds between the positions.

For example, if the code shows the RU 0928 format, this is due to the proximity to the LVMH group and not unusual. This format makes an alignment Louis Vuitton’s Codes is that the code of the bags can be read in these cases as well as with pockets of the French company. This Bag So was manufactured in February 1998. The code has no hyphen in this form.

The date code is not with the serial number of one Bag to be confused. You can find these on the authenticity card and puts the model number of one Bag dar.

If you are still worried or have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We also offer the opportunity to check your bags for authenticity in the house. Simply sit down with us via e-mail Or like to contact you by phone, hopefully we can also clear up the last doubt about the authenticity of your piece of jewelry.

You can also find more information about our service here. :)

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