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“Be seen. Be heard”

With the striking lettering and the unmistakable triangle as a logo, Prada radiates prestige and elegance at the sight. Since the start, Prada has been closely linked to the production of handbags. Already in 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada founded as "Fratelli Prada" in Milan, the company first focused on the production of exclusive leather goods. With the appointment to the Royal Hopper of the House Savoy 6 years later, a first milestone succeeded. Despite this honor and the high reputation, the company remained for a long time on Milan with the prestigious address of its boutique in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. With the acquisition of the management through the only 28-year granddaughter of the company founder, Miuccia Prada, 1978 became one New era of creativity and international growth initiated. The era of Miuccia Prada of the black shiny backpack "Vela" developed by her 1984, from waterproof parachute nylon, became a celebrated object of desire, so that the collection was expanded on wallet and travel bags. The designer gained respect and reputation in the fashion world through its creative use of materials. Colors are sparse at Prada, so most handbags are designed in a color. An exception is the collection "Prada Ugly", which goes the completely opposite way and surprised with shrill, retro colors. The forms are a clear unmistakable design language at Prada Simplistic and the designs. This combination gives Prada a refreshing elegance and a feeling of creative freedom.