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“Less is more"

Celine is a fashion house based in Paris, which was founded in 1945 in Paris of Céline Vipiana. At the beginning, however, the company only had to do with fashion, because the company specializes in mass shoes for children. Fast success led to the opening of three other boutiques within three years. Only 10 years later, the assortment was expanded with women's shoes. This first step into the world of high-end fashion followed more products such as perfume, handbags or Pret-A-PORTER MODE. When the products were launched from the field of fashion, the brand focused essentially on high practicability coupled with elegance and oriented itself to Sports-Wear. Among other things, blouses were designed instead of dresses, preferably carried clothes at a time in women. With the sale of the company in 1987 at Bernard Arnault, the owner of Dior, a new era broke. Without the help of the founder, the brand was integrated into the luxury goods company LVMH over the next few years. From 1997, Michael Kors used as chief designers a new phase in which Celine became a globally coveted cult brand. Hollywoodstars were significantly contributing to the brand Glamor to give. Warning lists underlined the high demand and made the handbags on rarities.

Like all other manufacturers of luxury handbags, Céline uses only the highest quality materials. Since Céline pockets are usually made of genuine and high-quality full leather, they have a higher weight than fake bags of cheaper materials. What is often smiled, but still proves to be effective means, is an "smell test". This often shows itself after a short time, whether it could be a forgery. Leather smells like leather. This test applies to all brands offered by us.

At Céline it is also important that the seams were symmetrical and sewn in very good quality. Counterfeits have in Céline as well as in all other brands unsightly and poorly processed seams.

The Céline logo
Most Céline bags have on the front the lettering "Céline" and the lettering "Paris". At the Céline éline, the accent must always be present in pockets from 2008. The lettering is always clean and centered and is always easy to read in the overall picture - so no quality defects. Inside a Céline bag there is a label with the inscription "Made in Italy".

The serial number
The serial number is inside the bag. It usually consists of three letters (large written) and four numbers. A Céline serial number is never clear. Say the same number can occur in different pockets.

No, Céline offers a wide selection of leather (also exotic).

On Céline bags is "Made in Italy".

Yes, in every real Céline bag you will find a serial number impressed inside the bag on a sewn down leather patch. The serial number is not clear and can be repeated, but should always meet the following schema: a letter, two letters and four digits.

Unfortunately, only the small versions of a 'Luggage' bag have a shoulder strap.