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Lady Dior with Yellow Lady Dior / Photo by Secondhandbags
Let the Sun Shine! Lady Dior with Yellow Dior Lady Dior. / Photo by Secondhandbags

Summer is coming, whether we want or not. But since we all want it to all, it makes sense and, above all, fun with the perfect summer outfits and the associated Summer bags to deal with. We from Secondhandbags In this blog, present some of the most beautiful pockets that make sense and fun for summer and also for the associated vacation and excursions. When the weather is played, summer is probably the most sociable of the four seasons. Whether on the beach, in the beer garden or on the new terrace of the Schneider family, the summer brings events. Classic summer bags have to meet a few requirements for us: With their range of functions, they are increased in size and flexibility for such busy summer days and evenings. Alternatively, the size is reduced to focus on flexibility alone. Most of the bags listed here are also available in strong colors and extraordinary editions and are wearing the wearer and probably also partners in the spotlight. So be careful and maybe warn before! ;) 

Secondhandbags Top 10 Summer Bags:

1. Chanel Shopper: Maximum elegance!

For the sake of simplicity, we summarize several bags from Chanel’s Shopper Universe under this point and hold onto a index card. We are talking about some of the most elegant summer bags with a healthy level of suitability for everyday use. The leading example should probably Chanel GST in Caviar Be leather. Unfortunately, the bags of the series have not been in production since 2013 and are now badly missing by fans. The pockets were also in a somewhat narrower, Chanel PST baptized, variant offered. In addition, there is an alternative with the pockets of the medallon series with a slightly stronger structure, and they have also not been produced since 2013. Continue with the shopper from the Cambon Ligne as well as other timeless dead people who look no less elegant Chanel. The bags out Chanel’s Executive Cerf series Put other beautiful variants with their simple, noble design that know everything that summer needs on a little excursion. The Bag Chanel has been offered since 2005 and enjoy a large fan base. Originally, the bags were still made from real brain, which has been known for its robustness, which has now given way to a somewhat lighter but still resistant lamb leather variant. There are also various Chanel canvas dead, Tote Bags that are made of fabric, but a little easier for that - perfect in summer. Why Chanel Tote Bags run on a index card of our top 10 summer bags? Because you also stand on the top of this list and for a unique elegance!

2. Chanel Backpack: On Everlasting Adventure!

In second place: tricked, Chanel Again! Chanel backpacks are probably the perfect accessory for City Hopper and other travel opened with a high demand for a fashionable level. Whether high class camping just on the cliff or a night in the Glas Box Wald Hotel, the more experiences are packed in the backpack, the better. It is best to book both. The Caviar Chanel leather is one of the most durable leather types, which is why these are particularly in demand. In addition, the backpacks meet the format of luggage luggage regulations on air travel if the overland bus is fully booked. Chanel stands for timeless elegance like no other fashion company, so the step into Adventure mode at Chanel is something special and is contrasting with the many glamorous classics Chanel 2.55’s, Chanel Classic Flap Bags and Chanel Diana’sthat have arisen over the years, the majority of Karl Lagerfeld. This can also make these backpacks the absolute heart of a legendary adventure outfit! On the cave with Chanel!

3. Hermès Herline: The Most Elegant Canvas Tote Bag?

There are probably no more elegant canvas dead than that Hermès bags of the Hermione series. The pockets come in the three sizes PM, MM and GM And are offered in all kinds of color variants. Gray and black Hermès Hermès Hermès Bags Bag Outfits seem particularly nice to adapt in muted colors. But don't Summer bags make sense in strong colors such as blue, red and yellow to summer outfits? There are also such. The bags have a zipper at the upper opening, which can be secured with a small padlock. Both the medium size and the large variant are perfect for a trip to the river, in the park or, if in sight, of course also to the sea! Understatement at the highest level: Only fans of the series will be able to assign the look around the outer plug -in compartments at first glance to the traditional French house. No larger logos shape the image of this summer bag, the model scope of which also includes light backpacks.

4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull: The Definition of A Market Bag!

The eye -prone Summer Bags Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull series were released in 2007 and are still one of the absolute classics of the house - and still one of the most sought -after summer bags. The bags also come in the three classic Louis Vuitton sizes PM, MM and GM. The pockets of the series are happy to be played for artists and were also off this in EPI leather and Monogram made leather as well as presented to all conceivable canvas variants. Thus, the most individual Louis Vuitton Neverfull wish can probably be fulfilled! Be careful: the small variant PM is actually quite small, the medium mm variant is the most common good, the model in the size GM is even greater, but it is sometimes perceived as a bit too big. The strength seems to be in the middle again!

5. Louis Vuitton Montsouris: Perfect in the park.

Summer on the Back, with the Super Summer Bag! The Parc Montsouris was completed in 1875 and has been inviting you to stroll with its green areas in the heart of Paris. The backpacks from Louis Vuitton’s Montsouris series represent the perfect partner for elegant parking trips. The backpacks are in the sizes by Louis Vuitton PM, mm and also GM In our opinion, they are offered in a classic monogram canvas with caps from Vachetta leather and with golden details. The middle and the large variant are probably the best for everyday life, the smaller sizes of course give outfits no less on request. Mini variants are lighter and often look a little more filigree, although they still manage to keep everything important to keep smartphones and make-up safely. Have fun in the park, summer comes!

6. Louis Vuitton Alma: Strong Colors!

Maximum color show! The bags out Louis Vuitton’s Alma series can be found in almost all color and material variants. Whether made of glossy Monogram vernis leather, matt and textured EPI leather Or one of the classic and timeless canvas variants of the house, the bags of the series always know how to please with their classic, reduced form. The Louis Vuitton Alma was the second classic handbag after the pockets of the Speedy series, which was introduced by Louis Vuitton in 1934. The pockets of the Alma series come in the sizes BB, PM, MM and GM. PM is probably the most common and most popular size. Incidentally, the first version of an alma was made a few years earlier and was a special agreement for Coco Chanel personally. Vuitton is said to have even asked her later whether the unique mandatory for production may be commissioned. She must have said yes, otherwise the bags of the Alma series would not be any evergreens today!

7. Dior Lady Dior: More Strong Colors !!

Also the bags Dior’s Lady Dior series have been brought onto the market in many summer and strong colors by Dior over the years. Although the look in black cannage leather with a silver or golden hardware is classic and stands for yourself, it is precisely the strong colors that will often leave the bags to something very special. In 1994 the bags were conceived by designer Gianfranco Ferré for Dior, the pockets bear their names in honor of the then princess of Wales, Princess Diana. The fashion icon of the 90s is said to have received a copy from the then French presidential wife and from then on was one of the largest fans in the series. The Bag as a sign of mutual sympathy soon bore a name based on them. The pockets come in the Gössen Small, medium and large In addition to the more unusual Mini and Maxi editions. Also exist Dior Soft Lady Diorswho fall a little more loosely, but otherwise the look around Dior Tag and share cannage quilting. The bags come with a removable shoulder strap, with the help of which the bags can also be worn across the body or loosely over the shoulder. The Summer Bags from Dior's Lady Dior series manage to underline a summery elegant look perfectly. And should it still go into the bar in the evening, the pockets of the Lady Dior series also leave a glamorous impression between the color lights of the bar lighting, especially in one of Dior’s colored paint leather variants!

8. Chanel Wallet on Chain: Maximum elegance on the go!

The little pockets Chanel’s Wallet on Chain series are the perfect companion for easy summer evenings. These summer bags come in the styles of all known Chanel rows. Sometimes there are variants in the look of the boy and cambon rows, Lambskin and Caviar Leather editions in all possible colors and also the classic look of Chanel's Classic Flap Bags With a rounded flap, Chanel's collections are adjusted every year. The bags have plug -in compartments for cards and a zipper compartment in the interior. With a chain strap with a continuous leather strap, the bags can be carried loosely over the shoulder and across the body. The shoulder strap can also differ from this picture, hardware is available analogously to the classic range of rows in all corresponding variants. These very elegant versions of a summer bag are an option for summer dresses that do not leave any questions open.

9. Louis Vuitton Randonée: Let's Sail!

I am Sailing ... already Rod Stewart knew what was good. The summer bags Louis Vuitton’s Randonée series Having a very own look that ties in shape and use to the annual old tradition of lake bags. Pretty cool. The pockets of the series formally invite you to be taken to the water with stripes made of Vachetta leather and a cord strain on the upper opening and a leather shoulder strap made of leather. The pockets come in the three classic three Louis Vuitton sizes PM, MM and GM And represent one of the most beautiful vintage options for the upcoming summer! The pockets were carried out by Louis Vuitton over the years Monogram Canvas, as well as in EPI leather Made, the latter is known for strong colors and is now very rare at Louis Vuitton. This definitely makes the Summer Bags from Louis Vuitton's Randonée series absolutely unique. And if the boat goes down, a red lakeack can provide information about a last, probable location!

10. Prada Canapa Shopper: Because angels also wear Prada!

The bags out Prada’s Canada Shopper series are light, stylish and represent another summer hit for us in the ranks of real summer bags. They come in strong and dark colors, even in a slightly presented Condition Cut a good figure with some lightened canvas and are absolutely eye catchers with their logo prints on the front. The bags are carried in hand and arm. Red pockets set a beacon on the City Beach, with one Bag In orange, Sunset is mood all day. The bags come with a removable shoulder strap if the stones found on the river are too heavy for transport in their hand. In the interior, these summer bags have a zipper compartment for everything that should not come into contact with sand!

We from Secondhandbags Always give our best, large and balanced range including the summer bags listed here.

If you cannot currently find your favorite classic or dream Summer Bag with us, please contact us. With our Personal Shopper You can also give us a targeted search order to find your dream bag!

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