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"The "quiet luxury" aesthetic that has dominated the handbag category in recent seasons has focused on clean lines, supple leather and the absence of logos."


-Emma Spedding , Editor at Vogue UK

red lady dior bag on a table next to a lady having a coffee date

What are quiet luxury bags?

The term "quiet luxury" refers to a type of high-end designer handbag that is characterized by subtle and understated design elements. Unlike some flashy or prominently branded luxury bags, " quiet luxury " bags are usually characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, clean lines and a more understated approach to branding.

1st Celine Classic Box Bag

2. Bottega Veneta The Pouch

3. Hermes Birkin

4. Chanel Classic Double Flap

5. Louis Vuitton Capucines

6. Dior Lady Dior

7. Prada Double Tote bag

Revive your Audrey Hepburn with a Celine Box Bag or steal the limelight like Bottega's The Pouch (but without the paparazzi). These understated luxury bags are like a secret weapon in your closet, ready to banish style boredom at a moment's notice.

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